Custom Neo-Geo Artwork

My own SNK artwork page. Here you can download high resolution wallpapers & scans from various games, a screen saver and some boot screens. It used to be here, but I've moved to GeoShock :)


Video Game & Emulation


Great emulation site. They also have the best front-end for the DOS version of MAME.

Emulation Excitement
Possibly the ultimate allround emulation website.

One of the best Neo-Geo sites in existence.

Kazuya's NeoGeo Reviews and FAQs
Cool site with reviews on nearly all the Neo-Geo games.


Good emulation news source, updated all the time. And I mean that literally.

Official homepage of MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

NeoRAGE x home
Official homepage of NeoRAGE x, the Neo-Geo emulator.

RAINE home
Official homepage of RAINE, the Rainbow Islands emulator.

Visit this now if you haven't already.

RS' Place
Homepage of ROM dumper RS.

Stupid Video Game Stuff
Funny site with lots of weird video game pictures. Some of them almost made me cry of laughter (but that's just me).

Inspector Vector -